Another Benefit of the Fountain of Youth

March 31, 2010

Yesterday’s post was about the real Fountain of Youth.  What is the real Fountain of Youth?  Resistance training.  Why is resistance training the Fountain of Youth.  One of the reasons is this: almost everybody progressively gains fat after about age 20, and certainly after middle age.  This is true of both the sedentary and active people.  However, habitual resistance trainees buck this trend. People that resistance train don’t gain as (...)

The REAL Fountain of Youth…Found!

March 30, 2010

If we keep on living we will inevitably get older.  Some of the great things about living are enjoying loved ones (for example, playing with kids), experiencing neat new places / things, and hopefully becoming wiser. Some of the aspects of aging that we may not care for are a few more aches here and there, seeing our kids grow up and leave home (or maybe we do enjoy that (...)

The Correct Way to Weigh

March 28, 2010

In the series on “The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution“, it was revealed that one of the activities common to people that lose weight and keep it off is that they “monitor” their weight.  In other words, they keep up with what their body weight is.  Most (at least 75%) of them weigh themselves at least once a week.  Many of them weigh themselves daily.  If successful weight losers do (...)

The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Conclusion

March 26, 2010

Today, on the way to work, I heard a commercial on the radio in which the lady talking was telling of her personal experience with weight gain and weight loss.  She lamented the fact that when she went out with a girlfriend of hers, her girlfriend was a guy magnet while she (the lady talking) was considered the one with “personality”.  This young lady went on to say that she (...)

The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Part IV

March 25, 2010

The most effective weight loss solution, where “most effective” means getting fat off and keeping it off, is the combination of diet and exercise.  Period. Why? Because if you diet without exercise, you’ll lose fat along with muscle and water.  After the dieting is over, you will almost certainly gain back all the fat and water that was lost.  And if you exercise without dieting, you might gain some muscle (...)

The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Part III

March 24, 2010

Yesterday we discussed how people EFFECTIVELY lose weight, which is through the use of the combination of diet and exercise. Today we talk about how people who lose their excess pounds keep those excess pounds off. Here’s the SECRET to losing fat and keeping fat off that you never hear in those t.v. infomercials:  When people successfully lose fat, they keep it off by exercising and self-monitoring.  Wow!  Turns out (...)

THE Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Part II

March 23, 2010

Someone — I don’t remember who — told me that if you want to achieve the success of another person, do what that person did to become successful.  Not sure if I read that or if someone gave me that little bit of wisdom in person. Anyway, another good saying is this: success leaves markers…kind of like leaving breadcrumbs when you’re going through a jungle and you want to be (...)

THE Most Effective Weight Loss Solution

March 21, 2010

Exercise is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST for EFFECTIVE weight loss and LONG TERM fat reduction. What do I mean by “EFFECTIVE” weight loss?  Well, when the vast majority of people start a “weight loss” program, their intention is to lose FAT, right?  In fact, FAT is the ONLY substance they are interested in losing.  Wouldn’t you say that is true?  If that’s true, then EFFECTIVE weight loss is (...)

What Low-Carb Diets Do

March 19, 2010

In response to a recent post, a reader asked the following question: “Are those on those [low carbohydrate] diets losing fat, muscle, water or exactly what because they seem to lose weight?” First, something to keep in mind about ANY diet is that if a diet reduces your calories below what your body needs to maintain itself, you will experience weight loss.  Therefore, low carbohydrate diets that reduce the (...)


March 18, 2010

You’ve just started your workout program and you are excited!  You hit the gym, or wherever you go to exercise, with purpose, a plan, and enthusiasm. Your workout is AWESOME, and you go home, get some post-exercise nutrition in, clean up, and relax for the evening. The next day you are mildly sore, but nothing too bad.  Two mornings later however, you get out of bed, but instead of walking, (...)

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