Are You Tough?

Someone said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  I wonder what that person’s life was like.

Did that person go through tough times?  Or was that person more of an armchair quarterback that watched life, made sage pronouncements from the comfort of his living room, and didn’t take any chances?  Who knows.

For us–those that are striving to be excellent in every area of our lives–it is our duty to put that proverb into practice when tough times arise.  Are you experiencing a challenging time in your life?  If so, be tough.  Know that ultimately circumstances don’t make you.  But how you respond to your circumstances will.

Since this is a fitness-centric site, let’s talk about tough fitness times.  They come when you are trying to lose body fat and it seems like no matter what you do, the fat won’t come off.  They come when you are comfortable at home, you’ve not done your workout for the day and you don’t feel like working out, yet you know you’ve got to get that workout in.  Those tough times come when you are watching what you eat and at work, there’s an office party where potato chipspotato chip snack, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, chocolate fudge cake (or whatever your favorite dessert or snack is) is served.  All of your co-workers are digging in, and you have to decide, “will I stick to my diet or not?”

Circumstances don’t make you.  How you respond to your circumstances reveals your character to you and to others.  While looking for a good picture for this post, I came across this one:whenTheGoingGetsTough  Being thankful is one great way to respond to tough times.  Why?  Because if we respond well to tough times, they make us stronger, more resilient, and tougher.  And anything that builds those qualities in us is something to be thankful for.

How you choose to respond to your circumstances shapes and reinforces the person you are and will become.  Be the ideal person you want to be.  Be strong when the going gets tough.  Get going to make circumstances fit your desires.  Be tough!


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