013117-Choose to Be Built

Robert Kiyosaki created an audio series called, “Choose to be Rich.”  This is a site dedicated to fitness.  So we’re not going to discuss becoming wealthy.  But, in the spirit of Kiyosaki, I’ve named this post, “Choose to be Built!”  Why?  Because becoming built is a choice, and we make the choice every day.  When we workout regularly, we’re choosing to be built.  When we skip workouts, we’re choosing to be the opposite of built.
What choice did you make today?
Here’s what I did today for a workout:
Concept 2 Rowing Machine: 20 minutes, 5023 meters rowed, 335 calories burned.
185×10, 225×12, 225×9, 225×15, 225×9
Side laterals
20×10, 30×12, 30×9, 30×15, 30×9
Rear laterals
10×10, 15×12, 15×9, 15×15, 15×9
GHD Sit-ups
20, 21, 15, 9
After completing the 20 minutes of rowing, I did the rest of the workout in a circuit fashion.  In other words, I did a set of Deadlifts, followed by a set of Side Laterals, followed by a set of Rear Laterals (for rear deltoids), followed by a set of GHD situps.  Then, I repeated the circuit.  The weights and repetitions for each set are given above.
How was your workout today?  Did you choose to be built?
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