Starting a Body Transformation

Getting Started with a Body Transformation

The most common fitness-related request I’ve gotten over the years from people in the office is: “Can you put a workout together for me?”  That’s a general question, but it’s a good one — one that shows that the person asking is interested in becoming more fit and possibly enhancing or improving their health.  A few good replies to that question are: “What’s your aim?  What are you trying to accomplish?  Do you want to lose weight?  Or, as is the case with several guys I’ve worked with recently, do you want to gain weight (muscle mass)?”  Some people want to do both.  Some want to “tone up”, which is usually a combination of fat loss with some muscle gain.

Determining your aim is quite important.  If you’re trying to lose fat and simultaneously “bulk up” with muscle, you may find yourself frustrated.  Go for either losing fat or gaining muscle.  Concentrating on one at a time can make the trek toward the goal more efficient.  So, pick one.  This action, along with determining estimated daily caloric needs and/or keeping track of your food intake are two initial steps toward your body transformation goal.

1. Determine estimated caloric needs

2. Choose your fat loss or muscle gain goal

I’ll be adding to this list over time.


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20 Responses to “Starting a Body Transformation”

  1. Mister P says:

    What do you think about military workouts?

    Bert (alter ego- Mister P)

  2. kate McKeon says:

    Exciting body transformation. Can you help me run faster?

    Expanding spheres of influence, Kate

    • This is more for Darryl, but it’s in response to Kate’s question. Laughing because my first thought was, train at The Run with The Bulls and you will run faster! lol just too many other people there to actually make that useful.

      Indeed, having even SOME goals to start with, having a CLUE about it makes such a difference.

      Happy Dating and Relationships,

      April Braswell

      Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

  3. The new site is looking great.

  4. Lynn Lane says:


    Cool looking blog. Like the idea of you leading people to a great aim.

    Lynn Lane

    Success Strategies For Life

  5. Katie says:

    Yep, pick one main goal, that way you know when to celebrate! One variable at a time leads to greater success rates!

    Learning about detox, Katie

  6. John Ho says:


    I don’t need to lose weight but I sure do want to gain muscle mass.

    Looking fwd to learn more from you!

    John Ho
    Numerology Expert Helps Understanding Personality for Better Influence & Persuasion

  7. Keri Eagan says:

    Right-o then. You had me at transformation. Love that word. Planned transformation even better.

    Keri Eagan
    Anything Alternative

  8. You website looks great! I agree it’s important to know what your aim is

    Jose Escalante

  9. Darryl:

    I love the site. I had trouble finding the link to comment before but obviously I found it. Great breakdown on how to set up a workout program.

    Steve Chambers
    Business to Business Sales Trainer

  10. Greg says:

    That’s a great start to a useful workout program!

    Greg Dougall, Philanthropist-in-Training

  11. I agree you have to know what you want to achieve in order to create an effective plan of action. Works that way in therapy as well.

    Love the new site!

    The Harwood Center – Tinnitus, Chronic Illness, Fears, and Anxiety

  12. Like everything you need a plan.

    Robert Martin

  13. Jim says:

    Great post!

    Exercise is good for the mind and body.

    A person should at least go for a walk every other day.


  14. Jim says:

    I like the post.

    Yes, begin with the end in mind.

    Need to have some kind of goal, before getting the small steps laid out to reach that goal

    James Mason

  15. Rob Northrup says:

    Darryl, this is cool. way to break it down. I find this font that your site is in now too small and hard to read.

    Seize the Day,
    Emergency Preparedness For the 21st Century Family

  16. Scott Payne says:

    You have to have your eye on the prize!

  17. Martin says:

    I can understand the body may get confused by simultaneous (weight) loss and (muscle) gain. MAKE YOUR MIND UP!!

  18. Vicki says:

    I agree with concentrating on one area and then moving on. Taking on too much at one time may be overwhelming and tend to squash the good intention of sticking with a fitness program.


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