Everything Counts

January 22, 2010

I’m working with a guy on fat loss right now.  He’s very disciplined with his workouts and he is mostly disciplined with his eating.  However, that “mostly” disciplined eating may be torpedoing his efforts.  You might ask, what makes his eating “mostly” disciplined?  The answer is: occasional “snacks”.

If you are attempting to lose weight, snacks have the potential to kill your fat loss efforts.  Why?iStock_000007228417XSmall

Snacking is usually undisciplined eating in which the snacker knows not what she/he is consuming in the way of extra calories.  Snacks often consist of roasted nuts, cookies, potato chips, etc.Chocolate covered pretzel When a person snacks, he may unwittingly ingest 200, 300, 500, or more calories.  If this is done just a few times per week, any fat loss he might have experienced if had he not snacked may go up in smoke.

So, if you’re attempting to lose fat, treat snacks as if they were the plague.  Dieters should make all eating planned eating, and remember this when it comes to food — EVERYTHING COUNTS!  Everything.


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4 Responses to “Everything Counts”

  1. Hi Darryl,

    this is SO true. Oh DRAT how it is so true. Everything really does count, and establishing that COUNTING part of the food journalling I have always really contributes greatly to excess weight loss success.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

  2. Is it possible for someone like this to resume snacking once the desired fat loss has been reached. Do you think they would be successful at something like choosing their favorite snack, determining how many calories are in it, researching which exercise they would need to do and for how long to burn that number of calories, and then just follow the snacking by doing the exercises?

    Lisa McLellan, Child Care Expert
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    • Darryl says:

      Hey, Lisa, if a person is active and burning a lot of calories, then it may be possible to snack without gaining fat. For most adults however, regular snacking, unless it’s low cal snacking on veggies or something like that, will lead to a gain in body fat. Why? Snacking is insidious in that it doesn’t seem like that much is being consumed even though in actuality a whole lot of calories may be ingested, and it is really enjoyable. I would advise against regular snacking. Eat frequent small meals instead.

      As for whether or not a person could avoid fat gain from snacking if they snacked and then immediately went out for a workout, doing that probably would certainly go a long way toward keeping the fat pounds from accumulating. Getting regular workouts in can keep the fat off, and making sure to keep tabs on body fat percentage and body weight (check them on a weekly basis) is a good way to be aware of what your body is doing fat-wise. This way, if a gain in fat is noticed, proactive action can be taken to stop it in its tracks.

  3. People often don’t realize how it all adds up. A little here and a little there equals a lot in the end!




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