Family Activities

Today’s post will be lightening quick!

Family on bikes outdoors smilingDid you know that yesterday was the 13th annual Family Fitness Day?  I didn’t; at least not until Dating Expert Extraordinaire, April Braswell, brought it to my attention.  Of course, any day is a good day to enjoy fun activities with family and/or friends.  Walking together, badminton, riding bikes, or games of tag with the kids (or adults) can be a blast, AND are great ways to get in a little physical activity.  What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy?


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15 Responses to “Family Activities”

  1. JJ Jalopy says:

    Family Fitness Day! How cool.

    I just love hanging around this new blog. It’s beautiful dude.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t like many outdoor activities. But, I spent 5 days straight on the Alpine slide with the kids the end of August. I must have gone down that thing 50 times that week. I loved it. I don’t know who had more fun, me or the kids! I’ll admit that I cheated everytime they wanted to race. But, even though I took off before they even got their sleds on the track, they still beat me every single time!

    Lisa McLellan
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  3. Pam Schulz says:

    What a great day/way to make some healthy family memories! Thanks for passing this along.

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  4. Vicki says:

    I like playing “sack”. It has been called many things such as corn hole, bean toss…anything that requires physical energy is fine with me.


  5. Hi Darryl,

    Indeed it was! Glad to have helped out. Shared fitness lifestyles is important for couples when dating (can be part of the courtship in fact, well, YOU know that having landed Lady Pace), as well as for married couples and when they grow and have kids. It’s important all throughout the life cycle of relationships.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

  6. Kate McKeon says:

    Hi Darryl, glad to see comments back up. Great stuff. I like the idea of a family activity day. I hear Wednesday night is family game night.


  7. When I have to I walk to work.

  8. Martin says:

    We like circular walks of about 5 miles with a pub half way round. Not sure if that defeats the purpose!

  9. I agree being fit as a family is great

    Jose Escalante

  10. John Ho says:

    During summer time, we enjoy walking after dinner. It is the best form of all rounder exercise (apart from swimming) and a chance to talk with one another, sharing stories & things happen during the day.

    John Ho
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  11. Rob Northrup says:

    two birds, one stone…

    Seize the Day,
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  12. Scott Payne says:

    I had no idea… thanks for the info

  13. Mister P says:

    Whole family together is a bit tough, but I went with my 2 boys and climbed Mt Adams.

    Non-technical route, about 7000 ft elevation climb.

    Bert (alter ego- Mister P)

  14. Keri Eagan says:

    My kids are at camp (luckily). I enjoy pilates because it is focused, and walking since it’s convenient.

    Keri Eagan
    Anything Alternative

  15. I had no idea it was family fitness day. It was a beautiful day here in San Diego to get outside with the family and exercise.

    Steve Chambers
    Business to Business Sales Trainer

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