Today’s Fitness Success Action

What will you do today to make sure you’re headed in the direction you want to go physically?

Remember, “Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”– Jim Rohn

Here’s my plan for today.  Cardio.

Specifically, I will do 20 minutes of rowing on a Concept 2 rowing machine.010917

My goal will be to reach 5000 meters rowed in that 20 minutes.

I’ve heard various arguments regarding what type of cardio exercise is best.  For example, swimming versus running, biking versus elliptical, walking versus a cardio class at a health club.  Also, there are varying views on how best to perform your cardio exercise.  Should you do steady state cardio where you maintain the same pace for a given amount of time or is interval training better?  I have some opinions on these question as well.  However, for now, a general answer to these questions might be this: Do the type of cardio you enjoy most and that you can do three or more times per week.  But most importantly, do something.

Doing something will take you one step further toward your fitness goal.  Doing something will give you a feeling of accomplishment and boost your self-esteem.  Doing something is the most important step you can take for reaching the fitness future you want for yourself.  So, what simple fitness discipline will you practice today?

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