Reversing the Plank

August 6, 2009

Your core muscles are key when you do many forms of exercise.  One such exercise is running.

For example, when I get home from work, my son sometimes likes to race me.  He sets up markers in our back yard, and he bets me that he can out run me around those markers.  Well, he’s a fast kid, but he’s only nine.  As a result, I can generally still dust him.  I raced him once when I was injured with a pulled groin muscle.  He beat me and taunted me mercilessly.  Therefore, being in shape and beating him in races gives me quite pleasurable bragging rights.

Anyway, core muscles allow you to generate power when running.  They are key when rounding corners in obstacle courses like those my son sets up for us to run around.  In the last few posts on core training, we covered a few exercises for your abs, or rectus abdominis.  This is the part of your body that is your six pack (whether you can see your six pack or not).  Let’s now turn our attention to the other side of our body, i.e. the lower back.

Try this:

Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you so that they are flat on the floor.  Next, walk your hands back so that you can support your upper body on your elbows (I hope this is clear).  So, in other words, you want to lean backwards until you are resting your elbows on the floor.  Next, while still supporting your upper body on your elbows, lift your butt off the ground until your legs and torso form, as much as possible, as straight line.  Now your body is balanced between your elbows and your heels.  This is a Reverse Plank!  It works your lower back, shoulders, hips, and legs.

Do these until you can hold them for several seconds. Try them and see if you like them!


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7 Responses to “Reversing the Plank”

  1. Building up your core muscles is so important for posture and how we hold ourselves and stand. Indeed, often with grief, we are slouching and reflecting a sad body posture in our bereavement and mourning. Tending to our physical fitness is certainly one of the things a griever will often do after completing the emotional work of their Grief Recovery.

    Take care,

    April Braswell

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  2. Hi Darryl,

    will have to add this. I like the plank and the whole stabilizing muscle practice.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

  3. Lynn Lane says:

    This is one I’ve never done before. Got to give it a whirl in the morning.

    Lynn Lane
    Success Strategies For Life

  4. Great exercise dude. It really gets the whole body!


  5. JJ Jalopy says:

    Wow. Heavy dude!



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