Staying the Fitness Course

July 12, 2012

It’s been a long time since I last wrote to this blog.  But now, tonight, on July 12, 2012, I’m starting again.  I fell off the wagon, and now after a year, I’m getting back on.

Speaking of falling off the wagon, a friend of mine lost over 50 lbs of fat over the course of several months.  He is now nearly at his goal of single digit body fat and thin skin all over his body.  However, for the last 2 weeks he’s been traveling…and he’s been throwing down (translation: he’s been eating a lot).  He has fallen off the diet wagon.  But, as he told me earlier today, despite the fact that he fell off the wagon, and almost lost the wagon, and had to search to find the wagon again, he’s getting back on.

Another friend of mine has been struggling for over a year now to lose the weight he wants to lose.  He knows what his problem is.  As he puts it, he goes out to eat too often with friends that eat junky stuff, and when he does so, he too eats the junk.  He knows he’s going to have to be more disciplined.  He told me today that he’s starting again.  With a solid voice that indicated determination and a confident look that showed his persistence, this friend told me he’s NEVER giving up.  He is going to try, and try, and try again until he reaches his goal.

What is your fitness goal?  Have you reached it?  If not, stay on the wagon.  Stay the course.  As long as you continue to run the race, you are in it.  Only those that quit are guaranteed of not reaching the finish line.  If you continue to seek your goal, if you continue to strive after it, you will advance toward it, and the chances of arriving at your fitness promised land are nearly guaranteed.  Stay the course.


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