The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Part IV

March 25, 2010

The most effective weight loss solution, where “most effective” means getting fat off and keeping it off, is the combination of diet and exercise.  Period.Man Exercising Arm Muscles 4


Because if you diet without exercise, you’ll lose fat along with muscle and water.  After the dieting is over, you will almost certainly gain back all the fat and water that was lost.  And if you exercise without dieting, you might gain some muscle strength, but you probably won’t lose much fat.  The body is amazing in that as you increase your activity level, you will automatically increase the number of calories you take in so as to compensate for those extra calories going out.  Thus, little to no fat loss will occur without watching what you eat.

So, in the previous three posts we’ve been discussing people that have effectively lost fat and kept it off.  The characteristics that these people have in common are:

* the vast majority (92%) used diet and exercise to get the fat off

* after getting the fat off they continued to exercise regularly

* after losing the fat they monitored their weight regularly.  Most of them (75%) weighed themselves at least once per week, and many of them checked their weight once per day or moreiStock_000011146006XSmall

* after losing unwanted weight they ate sensibly.  They rarely went to fast food restaurants

So, we know WHAT they did to lose weight and to maintain their slimmer condition.  But what motivated them?  WHY did these people lose on average 66 lb. and then continue exercising so that they kept it off for over 5 years?

Because they had a strong motivation that pushed them to do so.  The motivation typically occurred via a “triggering event” or critical incident.  The event may have been medical (varicose veins, lower back pain, sleep apnea, aching legs, fatigue) or emotional (e.g. “my husband left me and my lawyer told me it was because I was fat”).  77% of the participants in the National Weight Control Registry study of successful weight losers reported such a triggering event.

What does this imply?  Perhaps that we need some kind of motivation to force ourselves to perform the activities necessary to lose excess pounds and keep them off.

Another interesting characteristic of the successful weight losers is:

* 91% of them had previous weight loss attempts that were unsuccessful.  They reported that their successful attempt was different than the previous failed attempts because they had greater social reasons or medical reasons, or both.  Again, sufficient motivation helps a person to lose weight and keep it off.  Or, more broadly, sufficient motivation is behind achieving ANY challenging goal.

So, if you are planning to lose weight, or in the process of losing weight, if you don’t already have something that motivates you, find something.  Get around people that workout regularly.  Peer pressure can be wonderful.  Read about the effects of excess fat.  This might be scary enough to motivate us to become slimmer.  Think about the enjoyment you’ll get from being active with your kids or your significant other.iStock_000011694309XSmall Think about the satisfaction you’ll get when you look in the mirror at your slim, trim, toned self.  Know that the new, stronger, more active body will serve you well in every area of your life.


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2 Responses to “The Most Effective Weight Loss Solution, Part IV”

  1. Hi Darryl,

    To release/lose weight and keep it off long term, then, it sounds like it really does take a shift into a New You Lifestyle. Do you agree? I remember doing Weight Watchers years ago. And people like myself who had more than 70 lbs to lose, it was going to take a fundamental shift in identity and practice. A change in lifestyle.

    Do you mainly work with those who are looking to fine tune 20 lbs and their fitness? or….?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Cyber Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach

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