THE Most Effective Weight Loss Solution

March 21, 2010

Exercise is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST for EFFECTIVE weight loss and LONG TERM fat reduction.

What do I mean by “EFFECTIVE” weight loss?  Well, when the vast majority of people start a “weight loss” program, their intention is to lose FAT, right?  In fact, FAT is the ONLY substance they are interested in losing.  Wouldn’t you say that is true?  If that’s true, then EFFECTIVE weight loss is weight loss in which FAT is lost, and muscle mass stays put.

Excess fat is expendable while muscle is precious because it adds functional ability, increased metabolism, and outer beauty.

So, why is it that millions of weight loss hopefuls lose large amounts of WATER, fat, AND MUSCLE during their weight loss journey?  Why is it that many well-intentioned weight loss folks decrease their metabolism and make it quite easy and quite likely that they will gain their lost weight back?

Because they lose their weight by diet alone.  Dieters that lose weight solely by reducing their daily caloric intake will almost certainly (95% chance) gain back ALL of their lost weight within 3 – 5 years.

However,there is a superior method of weight loss.  What is it?  Weight loss by the combination of diet and exercise where exercise (physical activity) becomes a way of life.iStock_000001344289XSmall

Dietary restraint plus exercise not only helps the dieter-exerciser to lose more fat than diet alone, it makes losing FAT easier (especially visceral fat), it blunts the drop in metabolism that occurs with weight loss by preserving or even increasing the body’s fat free mass, it reduces the dependence on caloric restriction to provide a daily caloric deficit, and it increases the likelihood of long-term weight loss success.

iStock_000008093753SmallSeveral studies have shown that the diet-with-exercise weight loss combo along with self-monitoring are keys to long-term weight loss maintenance.

So, if you are interested in successfully losing fat and keeping it off, use caloric restriction along with exercise to get the weight off, then continue to stay active and monitor your weight and fat levels going forward for maintenance of your fat loss.


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3 Responses to “THE Most Effective Weight Loss Solution”

  1. Hi Darryl,

    Indeed, I tend towards aiming for a low (refined) carb diet. Both because I have had bariatric surgery where we have a higher need for protein (I aim for 90 grams p/day + if I can) and because we have a family history of diabetes. I also combine it with cardio workout and resistance weight training so I am building lean muscle mass as much as is possible.

    Could you explain something I’ve heard recently that weight training the muscle hold water? Not exactly water retention like when we eat too much salty popcorn or something extreme and non-nutritional.


    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Dating and Relationship Expert

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  3. Hi Darryl,

    That makes perfect sense to me. I’d add that the calories that are consumed be super high quality but you already know that!




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