The Truth About Weight Loss, Part 2

February 3, 2010

Think about this:

If being fantastically fit was easy, everybody would be fantastically fit.  Why?  Because everybody would like to be in good shape.  Isn’t that true?

Why isn’t everybody fit?  I can think of two reasons.  One is that their health is declining and won’t permit them to do what it takes to be fit.  The other is that it is usually hard to become fit and remain fit after you get there.  Are there other reasons?  You might be able to think of a few more.  If so, I’d love to hear them.

If you’ve been trying to get fit to no avail, or if you are getting into fitness for the first time, where do you start?  Here are a few guidelines.

Clean up your diet. Some examples are:

–  Replace white rice with whole grain brown rice.

–  If you eat bread, eat whole wheat bread rather than white bread.

–  Forget sodas.  Consider them liquid death.

–  Avoid fried foods…like the plague.

–  Avoid snacking.  No snacking allowed!

– Eat lean meats, chicken, turkey breast, fish.

Chicken Sandwich to Go.

– Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

– Get some “good” fat into your diet.  A tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day, and/or a fish oil supplement, and/or a daily handful of nuts (e.g. walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds) is great for your health and your metabolism.

–  Eat 5 or 6 small meals per day.
Eat “clean” like this most of the time, say, 6 out of every 7 days.  Allow yourself a goodie or two on the 7th day.

Another point to keep in mind is to eat a “varied”, well-balanced diet.  What do I mean by “varied” diet?

To Be Continued…

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3 Responses to “The Truth About Weight Loss, Part 2”

  1. Have you ever heard of the book “The Fat Flush Plan?” Even though I don’t need to lose weight, I bought this book for the health information. One of the reasons the author Anne Louise Gittleman says people hit plateaus is that their liver gets clogged. She describes all the things that clog your liver and how this prevents you from losing weight. She also lets you know what to eat and drink to cleanse your liver so you can start losing weight again. It is an interesting read if you have the time. Glad to see you blogging again.

    Lisa McLellan, Child Care Expert
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  2. Hi Darryl,

    indeed, addressing the emotional drivers for why we avoid exercise, overeat and use food is so important to address as well. I find working with a qualified reputable hypnotherapist useful for addressing the self-sabotage aspect of it. What do you think?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Boomer Dating Expert

  3. Jason Carroll says:


    While I think most of your advice is generally sound, I can’t help but think you’re “candy-coating” the reasons most people are overweight and unfit.

    “The other is that it is usually hard to become fit and remain fit after you get there.”

    Yes, it is hard to get and stay fit but that’s not the reason most people are unfit, they are unfit because they are lazy, undisciplined, and not willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve fitness!

    I know I was. For over a year a group of guys I work with would go to the local Y and workout at lunch. I made fun of them off and on, all the while going out to eat something that was typically unhealthy. With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, it occurred to me at 35 years of age, I needed to make a change. So I started going with them and after about a year and a half I had lost close to 50lbs and added muscle.

    I know it’s not easy but don’t tell me you have a glandular problem while your eating a Big Mac and French Fries, sipping on your supersized drink. If you do nothing other than cleanup your eating habits and start walking, you can get fit and healthy.

    Thanks for your help and all that you do but sometimes people need to hear the cold hard truth.




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