Time to Workout

August 13, 2009

Tonight, my wife and I worked out together…late.  We had dilly-dallied for a few hours after I had arrived home from work, and next thing we knew, it was late.  It was about 11:00 p.m. when we started.  My wife wasn’t too happy about this, and at first she was VERY reluctant to exercise.  But, after I laid the guilt trip on her by saying I was going to lift weights because I was dedicated, she came around.  Nothing like a little peer pressure to help someone do something they don’t feel like doing, but know they should do IF they want to reach their fitness and health goals:-)

Anyway, this whole episode got me to thinking about one of the crucial decisions we working people have to make regarding our workouts.  That decision is WHEN we will do it.  When do you get your workout in?  What time do you exercise?  Here are a few things to consider if you’ve not already made this decision.

If you work a regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or something like that) job, then your choices for workout times on workdays are:

  1. Before work
  2. During work, e.g. during regular lunch break
  3. After work

Briefly, let’s talk about each.

Before work:  Before work is great…except that you have to get up before the crack in order to do it; and if you already get up before the crack of dawn for your job, then you’ll have to get up even further before the crack to get your workout in before work.  Also, who feels like working out at this time of day?  I don’t.  But, some people become accustomed to it.  A couple of other points to remember about working out before work are that you’ll need a shower facility (which generally isn’t a problem), and you’ll have to complete your workout within a defined time period so as not to be late to work (which could be considered a plus or a minus).  So, these are the tough parts about working out during this time of day.  On the plus side, you get your workout over with and you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.  You feel good both physically and about yourself when you workout in the morning, maybe because of the release of endorphins.  In addition, you may burn more fat if you workout in the a.m. on an empty stomach (maybe we’ll talk more about this in a future post).  Overall, if you don’t mind waking up early, or you can force yourself to do it, working out in the morning is well worth it.  When I’ve done this, I’ve made great strides in my physique.

During work: Working out during work is cool, except that you get hot when you workout and you either have to shower in the middle of the day, or sit sweaty and funky (smelly) in your office for the second half of the day.  That’s the primary minus.  Your time is limited as well, but an effective workout can be completed in about 45 minutes, so this usually isn’t too much of an issue.  On the plus side, you get your workout in, and you do so during a time when you’re awake and alert.  It feels good to workout during lunch hour.  This is usually when I workout nowadays.  In the office where I work, there are only guys, so who cares if I’m sweaty.  We all go to the gym together; we’re all sweaty; it’s just a normal part of every day at this point.  Another plus is that, like working out in the morning, you get it over with early in the day.  So, if you don’t mind being sweaty at work, or you have the time and facilities available to take a shower, lunch time workouts are fantastic.

After work: Last is working out after work, which I did today.  This time period can be tough because mentally we usually go into relaxation mode after work.  If you choose this time period, I would suggest that you go straight from work to the place that you exercise, rather than going home first.  The reason for this is that once we’re at home after a day’s work, we REALLY just want to relax.  This temptation can be VERY strong.  It’s easy for time to get away from you (like it did for my wife and me) when you’re at home.  But, the pluses for working out during this time are that you don’t have to worry about being sweaty at work, you are not in much of a rush to finish as you would be before or during work, and after you finish, then you can completely veg out for the remainder of the evening.

For me, currently, the middle of the day or the evening works best.  What about for you?


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6 Responses to “Time to Workout”

  1. Happy to get this fresh information.

  2. Yup. We worked out after church and before eating our Labor Day weekend BBQ. We were optimistic that we would take a walk to the beach in the evening. Other things became more important. However, what a good thing! we had already gotten our workout in earlier in the day. That is the one thing about late night workouts. So easy to put it off.

    Take care,

    April Braswell

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  3. What a MARVELOUS example you are with this.

    I do actually prefer morning and early morning.

    However, in the first month or so right after my weight loss surgery 2 yrs ago the weight loss was so rapid in the first 6 wks that I would sometimes have TONS of energy in the evening like around 9 pm and I would HAVE to go take a walk to burn it off before I could actually rest and sleep.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

  4. John Ho says:


    As far as burning fat (or carbohydrates) is conerned, isn’t workout / exercises are more benefical in the morning as it reaise the metabolism for the whole day?

    John Ho
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  5. I like mornings but that is my time for Yoga, Holosync and Zen so I do it after dinner. It mostly works out but sometimes it doesn’t! As long as I get at least three in per week, I’m cool.


  6. JJ Jalopy says:

    Lunchtime would be ideal for me – but I don’t have a gym anywhere near where I work at the moment.

    So I go after work.

    I wish I were the kind of person who could get up early to exercise, but I’m really not. I love my bed!



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