Turning a Sad Face Into “The Happy Face”

Around 10:30 PM one night about six and a half weeks ago, I was sitting in bed reading when my wife walked in our room with a sad face.  She didn’t say anything as she entered.  She just walked across the room to her side of the bed, sat down, and sighed.  I said to her, “Honey, what’s the matter?”  She said, “Nothing.”  I said, “Yes there is.  Tell me.  What’s the matter?”  She replied, “Oh…nothing.”  I said, “Ok, I know you.  We’ve been married for almost 20 years.  I can tell when something is bothering you.  Spit it out.  Why are you sad?”  She paused, then answered, “I’m fat.”

Now, I could sense that this was one of those…err, “sensitive moments”.  So, I decided to tread lightly.  I said to her, “Honey, you’re not fat.”  “Yes I am”, she replied bluntly.  I said, “Well, are you willing to do something about it?”  She said, “Yes.”  “Are you sure?”, I said to her.  “Yes.”, she replied.  My wife had made statements like this in the past, but had not seriously put her mind to getting into better shape, so I then said, “Are you really sure?”  “Yes!  I’m ready!”, she said determinedly.

Have you ever reached a point in some area of your life where you said to yourself, “Enough is enough!  I’m going to fix this situation!”?  My wife had reached that point with her weight.  Now, my wife wasn’t fat, but after three kids and a few years without regular exercise, her body wasn’t what she wanted it to be.  She had had enough.

The next morning we calculated how many calories it would take for her to maintain her weight.  We then took 90 percent of those calories for a calorie amount she would target to lose weight.  Next, for one day, we used a food scale to help measure her calories so that we could be sure she was eating the number of calories she targeted for weight loss.  Finally, we started exercising at least 4 days per week.  We walk two miles around the neighborhood at least 3 times per week.  Also on 2 or 3 days per week we do weights and calisthenics in our garage and backyard.

After 5 weeks of this, my wife was out with some friends and one of them looked at my wife’s arms and said, “Wow!  You’ve been working out, haven’t you?”  My wife acted in a “What?  Who, me?” type of manner, and said, “Oh…well…yeah, I workout a little.”  When she got home, she came into our room, walked over to her side of the bed and stood there.  She was smiling…big!  She said to me, “Tammy noticed my arms!  I couldn’t tell I had made any changes…but Tammy noticed my arms!”  After 5 weeks of work, her sad face had been replaced with what I like to call “the happy face”.  She’s making progress toward her fitness goal, and making progress toward a cherished goal is one of the great joys in life.

What goals do you have?  What is your fitness goal?  Whatever your goals are, work hard toward them.  Be consistent.  Be disciplined.  You will make progress toward those goals, and doing so will give you satisfaction; it will give you joy; and will likely give you your own version of “the happy face”.

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