You Get Out What You Put In

July 29, 2010

There’s a lady I know that would like to shed some excess body fat.  She started lifting weights, but from what I can tell she lifts in a manner that requires minimal exertion.  She doesn’t control her eating.  She doesn’t seek help.  She puts in very little in her effort to slim down.  She began her workout routine several months ago.  Since she started, there’s been no discernible weight loss or positive change in the appearance of her body 🙁 .

In contrast to the lady mentioned above, I’ve been working with a client that is dedicated, persistent, and that works hard every day we workout.  He works out six days per week.  He gives his all in every workout.  He strictly watches what he eats.  He puts a great deal of effort into his fat loss efforts.  He has lost in excess of 40 lbs of body fat.  His body fat percentage has dropped from 27+ percent to about 10%.  He is slim, toned, and fit 🙂 .

Are you struggling in your effort to slim down, to tone up, to reach the body you want?  One possible reason for a lack of progress or a stall in progress is simply lack of intensity.  Are you giving your all in your workouts?  Are you giving your all in controlling what you eat?  If you’re coasting through workouts, if you’re frequently “stuffed” after eating, then there’s probably more that you could be doing to reach your fitness goals.

A lofty fitness goal requires persistent, lofty efforts applied over time.  Your body will tell you if the work you’ve put in has been sufficient.  How will it tell you?  By the amount of fat it loses.  By the amount of muscle it retains or gains.  Your body will tell you the truth.  Sometimes that truth will be pleasant.  Sometimes the truth your body delivers will make you angry.  But, keep on keeping on, and KNOW that YOU WILL GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.  Just be sure to put in a lot so that you will get out a lot in the form of fitness, energy, and health.


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3 Responses to “You Get Out What You Put In”

  1. Hi Darryl,

    That is such sound advice for fitness and for so many other aspects of life, too, isn’t it? Sometimes as dating coach, I hear from single women that they want to “Get Married.” As if that will be the magic pill for the perfection in their lives. And yet, don’t you find that married life is all about the daily relationship sharing?

    BTW, thanks for your superb fitness tips and kick in the butt (with love, of course) reminders. You’re the best, Darryl.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

  2. Peggy Larson says:

    Sounds advice. That motto is good in all areas of life but especially in the weight loss – getting fit area!

    I’d like to increase my flexibility. Any flexibility exercises you could recommend for a beginner, and over 50 lady?

    Peggy Larson
    Quilting – Colors and Fun!

  3. Hi Daryl,

    This is so true! There’s still a lot of people who think they can do “easy” workouts and expect their body to magically respond.

    Your advice about lofty goals requires lofty persistent efforts over time makes perfect sense!

    The Success Secrets



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