Hi. My name is Darryl Pace, and darrylpace.com is dedicated to working men and women that are trying to become fit and maintain their fitness. Why? Because people in this group (myself included) have so much to keep up with — work, family, finances, etc. — that playing an active role in our own health and fitness often is put on the back burner. We’re so busy that it’s difficult to find the time for exercise, or it just becomes something in the back of our minds that we put off for the future.

Also, as a health and fitness enthusiast for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of products advertised that make spurious claims and that lead people into wasting their money. I wanted to create a site that was no nonsense, and that was straightforward regarding what it takes to lose fat, gain muscle, or to have six pack abs.

So, this site is dedicated to all the warriors out there who are going to work, providing for their families, AND want to stay fit and healthy. This site is focused on solving the issues surrounding achieving, maintaining, and improving upon a fit and healthy body. It contains information on why, when, where, and how to do what it takes to be fit.

Also, regarding health, I believe that without health, life can’t be much fun. Think about it – what if you had a billion dollars but your health was shot? It would be tough to impossible to enjoy your family, your life, or your cash. That’s why there is a focus on health apart from fitness at this site. Both are desirable, and they are NOT the same thing.

So, please, take a look around. Familiarize yourself with the site. If you have questions, comments, and/or requests for information, submit them through to the “Contact” page.

Again, thank you for visiting, and much fitness, health, and success to you!

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